Big Updates Generated by Dota 2 Developers

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player of video games, you should be ready to follow the latest updates offered by gaming providers. By missing even a seemingly small detail, you can get into a trap and fail immediately. At, the developers treat players with monthly and annual updates to the gaming routine. And this is only one of all the existing options.

Recent Dota 2 Updates

If you’ve been playing Dota before, you surely know that Valve used to issue big updates all the time. Eventually, IceFrog and Valve started releasing smaller but more frequent updates. Today, players can enjoy regular updates that nerf some of the things that used to be lame or even broken. According to the latest information, the newest Dota 2 patch is about to come in the summer of 2020.

While IceFrog is not really famous for making many statements, he just wants to intrigue clients. Even though he used to be engaged in Dota from the very beginning, you still cannot find a lot of information about this person.

The information posted in the Dota 2 dev forum contained some hints about patch 7.27 and possible future changes. What’s even more important is that the update will be split into two elements. First of all, the general changes as well as products, economy, and miscellaneous adjustments are to be viewed. Second of all, the amendments to the collection of heroes are to be conducted. Unfortunately, there are no clear hints as to the specificity of the upcoming changes. Most players are looking to for the bounty and streak gold rewards and bonuses to benefit from. But this change has not been seen on the horizon yet.

The Bottom Line

The current patch was announced almost three months ago. At the same time, it’s not admired by the community. Let’s see how well the new update is about to be perceived by the video gaming community. After all, the Dota 2 community has somehow traditional views on the gaming routine determined by the yearly traditions.

Before something is changed, every player should make sure to spam that pushing strategy so that you can quickly receive MMR. There are all kinds of heroes to opt for. These include Lycan, Luna, Drow Ranger, Nature’s Prophet, and many others. Don’t hesitate to follow the pages of DartFrog on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in order to be familiar with the latest Dota 2 news.